The mission of the Southwest Iowa Mediation Center is:

To provide for mandatory mediation in child custody cases, to mediate resolutions for other disputes suitable for such processes, and to bring mediation to the attention of the judiciary, the practicing bar, and the public both through the practice of dispute resolution and through mediation education.


Temporary alternative during the coronavirus

There are NO in-person classes through the end of the year.

While social distancing measures are in place, here is a link to an approved online class that fulfills the requirement for the in-person mandated classes.

Mediation Education Presentation

Click here: Mediation Education Class Presentation (PDF) to open the Mediation Education Presentation. You can page through each “slide” to get information on mediation and how it works.

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Have you ever known…

A married couple in the middle of a divorce that needed to sit down and talk and listen to each other?

Have you ever known…

A child who wanted to spend more time with each parent and less time having her parents fight about it?

Have you ever known…

An adult brother and sister who were so angry with each other over their parents’ estate that they could not even sit down together for Thanksgiving dinner?

Have you ever known…

A friend who did not want to go to work because of a conflict with a co-worker or supervisor?

All of us have known someone in a predicament like these. In fact, you have probably been in a situation that is similar. You may be in one right now.

Mediation is a way for people in conflicts or difficult situations to be heard and listen to each other and work at making their own decisions.

We know that 90-95% of people in these situations think that talking together in mediation won’t help. Yet, statistically, people reach a partial or complete agreement in 50-70% of all mediations.

Mediation works. Give it a try.